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Signature Massage

  • Increased circulation
  • Loosens and lengthens muscles
  • Alleviates muscle tension
  • Releases toxins
  • +$30 To add on a full body scrub to any massage
  • +$35 To add on CBD Oil & Pain Cream
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Signature Massage

60 Min. Massage



60 minutes is the perfect amount of time for a quick full body relaxing massage. Average time given to areas: back 20min., back of each leg 5min., front of each leg 5min., each arm 5 min., neck and head 10min. For a deep tissue massage with detailed work allow your therapist time to work on 2-3 areas maximum. *$69.95 is for members and first time clients. +$30 Add on a full body scrub +$35 Add on CBD Oil & Pain Cream

120 Min. Massage



2 hours is golden for allowing your therapist the opportunity to really do a full body massage justice. Your therapist will be able to work in detail those problematic areas on your body and still have the time to give to each area outside of those areas the attention they need. Do your body and your therapist a favor and book the 2 hours. You'll thank us later! *$134.90 for members and first time clients. +$30 Add on a full body scrub +$35 Add on CBD Oil & Pain Cream

90 Min. Massage



Your body needs some work and you know that 60 minutes isn't gonna cut it. Talk with your therapist and tell them your goals for your session. We can tailor each treatment for your needs but communication is key to a good massage. Don't be afraid to guide your therapist to get the type of work your body needs. *$99.95 for members and first time clients. +$30 Add on a full body scrub +$35 Add on CBD Oil & Pain Cream

About our Signature Massage

Address Your Areas of Concern

Our massage therapists will create a signature massage to address your areas of concern.

Peaceful & Relaxed State

The entire body relaxes as the mind is soothed into a peaceful more relaxed state.

C B D Pain Relief

Your Therapist will skillfully find areas and release muscular fibers, knots and adhesions. +$35 add on to have your therapist use our 400mg C B D massage oil and pain cream throughout your massage.

Circulation and Lymph Movement

Add on +$30 to your massage to have your therapist include a full body scrub of your choice at the end of your session, you can then use our locker room to shower off. Towels, robes, sandals, shampoo & conditioner, combs and a blow dryer are all provided for your convenience.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“My wife and I have not had a massage in over 14 years and decided to do a couples massage for our anniversary. I can’t say enough good about Summit Spa and Float. Amazing experience and we will be back. Very professional environment and experience.” -July 2021

Mike Rasmussen

“I called on a Wednesday suffering from an immense amount of pain from a pinched nerve that would not relent, and received a 90 min CBD massage from Benjamin the next day that did wonders! Benjamin is a miracle worker that understands how to get the tissue and muscles to loosen up and listened carefully to my needs . Last night was the first time in a month I’ve been able to sleep without pain and I woke up this morning feeling like a new person.” -July 2021

Mieke Okamura