• Full Eyebrow Shaping
  • Feathered hair-like strokes for a natural looking brow
  • Ideal for those with minimum or no eyebrow hairs
  • Service includes a six week touch up
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What Does Microblading Do for Me?

Precision in every stroke

Our versatile brow artist is committed to quality and has taken various courses to continue her brow technique and education.

Natural Brows

Tiny feathered like strokes are used when looking for a natural looking brow. No reason to be afraid that you’ll end up with a tattooed on line as each stroke is meant to look like an actual hair vs. the painted on line you may be accustomed to seeing with permanent makeup.

Full Brows

Powder filled or tapping techniques are used to achieve a fuller brow, and are also recommend for those with oily skin types as traditional feathered strokes tend to fade faster with the excess oils. No additional appointment needs to be made, simply talk with our artist about your desired look so they can tailor your session accordingly.

Semi-permanent requires touch-ups

Microblading is only semi-permanent so your full treatment includes a six week touch up. We do however encourage you to come in yearly for a touch up if you wish to maintain your desired look as your brows will fade over time.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I love my brows! I was so scared and Dani put me right at ease. My initial treatment we just used feathered strokes but my excessive oily skin really didn’t take to well to holding the color so she recommended a powder fill at my touch up, again I was worried because I wanted them to look real and natural and she just did such an amazing job they look great, thank-you Dani!

Katrina L

“I’ve been wanting to get my eyebrows microbladed for a long time but have been SO hesitant. I felt like maybe it was a high maintenance thing to do, and I was also just nervous and worried because I’ve seen too many sets of 🐛🐛 brows in my day. But Dani is freaking amazing and put my fears at ease and knocked it out of the freaking park. I am excited to see how they heal and the end result and all that but for now I’m over here like 🙌🏻🎉🤩”