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Katrina Long

  • Co-Owner Summit Spa & Float
  • Licensed Massage Therapist for 22 years
  • Session minimum of 2 hours
  • Only Taking New Clients Mondays 1pm-6pm
  • Session may include a variety of modalities without extra charge
  • NEW CLIENTS: Any new person, or returning client who has not seen Katrina in the last 12 months
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New - Returning Client - Didn't pre-book & needs work NOW

2.5 Hr Massage

Detailed Bodywork


Full body detailed work. Treatment will vary by client and may include a variety of modalities like IASTM/cupping needed that day for the client.

2hr Massage

Great for first time clients


Full body massage. A 2hr appointment allows me to access the body/muscles/structure and see what areas need attention. Treatment will vary by client and may include a variety of modalities needed that day for the client.

3hr Massage

Detailed Bodywork


A 3hr appointment really allows us to do so much. This treatment may combine sauna time, emotion code prior to body work, face cupping, and/or finishing with body scrub or lymphatic drainage after your body work. 3hrs gives me time to work the body in detail!

What to expect?

Arrive 10-15min early

If you are a new client you'll want to allow enough time to arrive early to fill out new client forms and change into robes and sandals.

How often should I get a massage?

I recommend a minimum of 2hr of bodywork each month for maintenance. If you have extenuating circumstances you may need more bodywork until you can move into maintenance mode. If you are post op and need lymphatic work you'll want to come in 10-15 times within the first month after surgery.

Do I need to pre-book?

Absolutely. Katrina is booked about 2 months out regularly. You'll want to schedule at least 3-4 treatments out each time you are in to maintain treatments with her otherwise you'll need to make arrangements with another therapist in our office.

How do I know what modalities will be used?

Each client is different. We will tailor the sessions to your needs. After the first initial visit we will discuss what I feel would be best for your body in our upcoming treatments. We will then add in body scrubs, lymph work, face cupping, IASTM, cupping or hot stone work into our sessions.

What Katrina's Clients Have to Say

“I get regular massages from Katrina. She is really good at loosening and relaxing the muscles. I was having really bad bicep tendonitis, Katrina recommended I do the Cupping Massage which REALLY helped with my tendonitis. Definitely a 5 star service!”

Colby J.

“I did the Float tank, massage and cupping and feel like a new person. It was so nice to go in to relax and clear the mind and recover the body. The staff is really nice and personable, 10/10. Feeling recovered and ready! Thank you for tuning me up!” -Skyler Howes

Privateer Rally Racer

’21 Dakar: 5th

’20 Dakar: 9th

’19 Morocco Rally Champion

’19 Best In The Desert: Pro Champion

Skyler Howes