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Foot Zoning

  • Improves Sleep
  • Restore Imbalances
  • Relieve Inflammation & Pain
  • Improve Brain Function
  • Detoxes your body from harmful substances
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Foot Zoning Options

30 min. Foot Zoning

Quick Pick Me Up


Try an abbreviated session today. Foot Zoning is the therapy in which pressure, strokes, and other techniques are used to affect signals in the feet. These signals relay messages to organs, tissues, and systems in the body to correct imbalances.

60 min. Foot Zoning with Scrub

Ultimate Relaxation


Take your appointment to the next level with a foot scrub added on! Choose from a Kentucky Bourbon, Sweet Cream, Whipped Honey, or Razmopolitan Vodka scrub. Foot zoning is a holistic approach focusing on the body as a whole rather focusing on an illness or one body part or system.

60 min. Foot Zoning


Foot zoning is a holistic approach focusing on the body as a whole rather focusing on an illness or one body part or system. As we unblock energy it helps our cells and DNA to balance, restore, rejuvenate, and repair our bodies.

More about Foot Zoning

Benefits of foot zoning

So, why get a foot zone? While zoning the therapist is paying attention to two things: what the foot looks like and how it feels. As they assess each area of the zone the practitioner may notice discoloration, puffiness, different texture, hollowness, etc. These give an indication of what body systems or organs may need attention.

History of foot zoning

Today we attribute the modern development of Foot Zone Therapy and the techniques used to Dr. Charles Ersdal, from Norway. His research and experience led him to the determination that you needed to treat the whole body to get the full benefit from a foot zone treatment. That is why today we give a similar zone to each person each time. The focus may change but the order in which we zone is the same.

What to expect

During a session we go over every organ and system to help it to balance, repair and restore. A foot zoning for the feet is like getting a tune-up for a car. Most of the time it feels like a really nice foot massage but there may be some discomfort and tenderness where there are areas of imbalance or blockage. This is where communication with the therapist is helpful. It lets them know where to focus and spend a little more time to balance and clear the area.

Who should get foot zoning?

Anyone really would benefit from a foot zone. A baby’s lymph system, lungs, and kidneys can often be burdened because of what the mother ate or was exposed to during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Infants and children respond really well to foot zoning. Parents notice better concentration and calming after a zone.

What Clients Have To Say

“I’ve done both and loved it !! Highly recommend”

Aidaly W.

“My foot zoning was amazing! Something that I will definitely make the time for again! Thanks Amiee!”

Ashley W.

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