What is Floating?

  • Envision your stress floating away as you enter a warm, zero-gravity environment
  • Free from distraction, your body relaxes & you float weightlessly
  • Deep meditation helps the pain & anxiety of your body & mind drift away
  • Epson salts help refresh hair, skin & nails
  • Your skin will feel noticeably soft & refreshed after your treatment
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What's Included in a Float?

Zero Gravity

You will maintain weightlessness as zero-gravity will create optimal buoyancy for relaxation and meditation. This Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy is also know as R.E.S.T. because you are in an environment without light or sound creating a disconnect from senses that constantly surround us.

Epsom Soak

The Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) will help refresh the hair, skin and nails, and are well known for their ability to aid in reduction of joint pain and to ease stress. The magnesium will be absorbed into the body through the integumentary system helping to detoxify heavy metals and eliminate toxins in the body. The skin will not wrinkle as the water will NOT draw salt from your skin. Your skin will feel noticeably soft and refreshed after your treatment.

Theta State Relaxation

It is safe to fall asleep and many clients will enter the theta brain-wave state during a float session. Theta state is a very deep relaxed state of mind. A Theta state is most often reached during a deep state of sleep and meditation. Theta brain waves allow the conscious mind to connect to the subconscious where experiences, long term memories, creativity, emotions, spiritual connection and inspiration are stored.

Float Therapy

Envision your stress floating away as you enter a warm, zero-gravity environment, free from distraction.
Your body relaxes and you float weightlessly into deep meditation as the pain and anxiety of your body and mind drift away. Float therapy is the experience of weightless floating for an hour in a pod that is filled with 180 gallons of water
only ten inches in depth with 1000 pounds of Epsom salts.

What Float Clients Have To Say

“Float therapy is far superior to other traditional routes, [such as] varying types of drug regiments—one way or another they just temporarily overpower your brain and cause some form of blurred reality—and explaining your situation over and over again to multiple specialists as each one gets to know you and your situation, which caused me recurring internal anxiety and agitation.” “I’ve tried them all. When I’m in the float pod the absolute serenity and calmness is entirely therapeutic.”

Retired Chief Master Sgt. Michael R.

“To me it seemed like a sham, I fell asleep in the tank and woke up an hour later feeling refreshed. By three floats my anxiety and hyper-vigilance subsided and so had my night sweats. After floating I was really mellowed out.”

Michael H. Afghanistan Veteran