What is Coolsculpting?

  • Treatment customized to you
  • Little to no downtime
  • Freeze away stubborn fat cells
  • Long term results
  • Non-invasive procedure that can shape without surgery
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What's Included in CoolSculpting?

Specifically Trained Clinician

Our CoolScultping clinician has been specifically trained to access your needs and choose applicators that can help give you the results you desire.

Free Consultation

Consultations are free so if you’ve been curious about what CoolSculpting can do for you do not hesitate to come in for a consultation.

Targeted Treatment Plan

Your targeted treatment is applied to a specific area so the controlled cooling can target the fat. Feel free to bring along a book, check your email, work from your device or take a nap during your session.

Bye, Bye Double Chin!

Double Chin? Patients will often choose CoolSculpting over Kybella as the pricing is similar but the results from CoolSculpting are long lasting as we are actually freezing away fat cells during your treatment. We recommend 2 visits for optimal results.

What Float Clients Have To Say

“Coolsculpting is exactly what I needed to target troubled areas.”


“The results are amazing. It’s just incredible!”