Chemical Peels

  • Progressive Peel vs. Aggressive
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Speeds up cellular turn over
  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Treats active acne and acne scarring
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Why Chemical Peels?

Acne Peels

Acne Peel are available for teens and adults. These modified and enhanced Jessner's peels are sure to help you prevent and heal from acne scarring. For enhanced results we recommend a series of three peels followed by a microneedling session a week after your third peel.

PCA Skin Peels

PCA SKIN peels are self-neutralizing treatments, meaning they can be layered and left on the skin. The use of water or a comparable neutralizing substance is not needed. PCA SKIN liquid chemical peels are blends of a variety of peeling agents at lower percentages making them gentle, effective and able to deliver more desirable, beautiful progressive results.

TCA Peels

TCA Peels improve over all skin conditions including rosacea, aging skin for reduced fine lines and wrinkles, and adults with acne.

Retnoid Peels

Retnoid Peels have the powerful ability to increase cell turnover and promote a healthy, clear and even complexion, enhance peel exfoliation and encourages normal keratinization for all skin types and conditions.

What Our Clients Have to Say

I went and had my 3rd chemical peel yesterday…I’m a huge fan of chemical peels!!! My face, my skin I mean it looks amazing! Having clear skin really makes a difference in your confidence. I went to have it done because of the benefits and I am amazed at how it’s made my skin look. Tayler is my girl! I’m in love thanks for talking me into it @katrinaglong 😘😘

Shantel H.

As a teenager I deal with a lot af acne problems, one of Summit Spa & Floats aestheticians Kellie has helped me a lot with that particular problem. Kellie is so sweet and I always love coming in to see her. After just two visits I have seen so much improvement in my face and I can’t wait to make another appointment! Definitely recommend her!!

Lydia V.